Blossoming on Lopez Island


Blossom. That’s what tends to happen to people on Lopez Island. In all of my conversations with residents and business owners, this has been a common theme. If people are born on the island, they like to stay; and they end up thriving. If people move here, they discover something new about themselves; and they end up thriving. That seems to have been the story for Brian Kvistad, who has owned Blossom Grocery since 2004 with his wife Jennell. Today, Brian and I put up the Christmas lights that line the store’s roof. When I wasn’t thinking about falling to my death, I asked Brian a bit about his background and how he ended up on Lopez. He and Jennell used to work together at PCC in Seattle, before Brian took a farm intern job on Lopez with S&S Homestead Farm. This is how a lot of people get there start on Lopez, thanks to the Lopez Community Land Trust. In 2004, they bought Blossom from Deborah Bonneville; and things have, um, blossomed from there. So much so, that they quickly doubled their space. I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept expanding. The San Juans are very friendly to organic grocery stores – especially after recently becoming a GMO-free county. And, Blossom has a lot of fans. Sue Roundy told me that she moved to Lopez for two reasons: Vita’s and Blossom.


Brian Kvistad on the roof of Blossom Grocery

If you’re in Lopez Village, stop by Blossom.

4 thoughts on “Blossoming on Lopez Island

  1. What a wonderful tour on Project 468 and a great introduction to Project 468 .I hope that when we are at lopez we can visit and meet all of those individuals that make Lopez an interesting and unique place to visit over and over again.


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