Bounty on Project 468

Every day on Lopez Island brings the opportunity to meet somebody who is making a significant, positive contribution to this community. Today was no exception. First thing this morning, I rode my bike into Lopez Village to meet Sue Roundy, a long-time volunteer and one of the founding members of the Bounty project. Sue came across me and Project 468 when I started following the Bounty blog. Given our missions seemed to be complementary, she reached out and suggested we get to know each other. I’m so glad she did. Sue has not only started to educate me about all things related to local sustainable agriculture and the farm-to-table movement; she has also pointed me in the right direction for getting much more aware of and involved in the Lopez community. The material Sue gave me in a 2-hour conversation could easily populate this blog for the next several months. I can’t wait to follow up on the story nuggets she provided – things like: how the Lopez Community Land Trust has made affordable housing possible on Lopez, or the cultural differences between north end Lopez residents and the “Southenders.”  I checked out Horse Drawn Farm a few weeks ago, and I’ve visited several others since buying a home here. According to the Farm Products Guide that Sue gave me, I have a lot more to visit.


Sue Roundy

Sue Roundy and her awesome dogs, Jack and Frida. 

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